Who are we?

EMTECH IPH GROUP is a team of people with many years of professional experience, for whom solving the customer’s problem is a priority. We know that the sale of machines alone is not enough. Therefore, we try to assist in the selection of options: purchase of machinery, lease or cleaning service. Thanks to our knowledge of new technologies, and the specificity of many industries, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers. We can advise you on how to extend the life of your tools thanks to the use of laser or dry ice technology. We will also help you solve a technological problem related to the scope of our services.

Our history

EMTECH IPH GROUP is a family business founded in 2000. Over 10 years ago, in the boldest expectations of the owner of a sole proprietorship, there was not even a thought that his business would grow into such a large group of friends who work with passion and for the common good. The initial idea was to focus only on the technology of non-invasive cleaning with dry ice. The first machines, sales and cleaning services appeared then. The first contacts, conversations with customers about production problems showed the owners of the need to develop their business with another branch facilitating production processes, the topic concerned PVD and PACVD wear-resistant / protective coatings. The development of coating technology has required IceTech Polska to constantly train itself and transfer this knowledge to customers. Searching for solutions to various types of problems in production plants and testing required the company's owners to expand the network of technical advisors.

Today, thanks to consultants, our clients receive full care - starting from the use of already proven methods, as well as looking for new solutions. One of them, which IceTech Polska has been introducing for 4 years, is a cleaning laser. The latest and most innovative method of non-invasive cleaning perfectly complemented the dry ice cleaning method that has been used for years. The continuous development of the company and the introduction of new solutions forced the owners to make many investments and changes in the functioning of the company. The number of working people increased to 15 people. The division of responsibilities and the delineation of individual branches of technology resulted in the decision to spread wings as a group. From January 2021, IceTech Polska became the EMTECH IPH GROUP

Our values


Reliability in cooperation with the client




Attention to detail


Passion for technology


  • Before buying the machine, we were concerned that introducing a laser cleaning technology can prove to be a challenge. However, with close cooperation and support with EMTECH IPH GROUP, all our doubts have been resolved. The training was conducted to the point of using both the machine and the software in a very nice atmosphere. We are fully satisfied with the purchase.
  • EMTECH IPH GROUP employees helped us in choosing the right device to expand our business and introduced the new laser cleaning technology. We have also been trained in the use of the machine and software. Anytime we have any questions, we can count on quick and professional help, service assistance during and after the warranty.
  • EMTECH IPH GROUP has professionally and conscientiously fulfilled its obligations. The order for a dry ice machine was completed on time with full commitment. We've also recieved full training for our personnel on how to operate the purchased machine, and various tips on how to improve the cleaning process in our plant.

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