Isothermal Containers

EMTECH IPH GROUP offers services in the supply of dry ice and the sale of containers for its transport and storage.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we took care of the availability of ICECON containers of the HoreCO2 producer – we have become a representative of the company throughout Europe.


ICECON containers are distinguished by excellent quality and precision workmanship for the safe transport and storage of dry ice. They are light and practical for transport, and PE material is used in their production, which is characterized by high safety – it is worth mentioning that it is also used in the food industry with the highest standards. Their bodies and lids are made by a rotational molding process, making them able to withstand extremes of heat and cold, as well as potential mechanical damage. These solutions remain UV resistant and non-toxic. By using a rubber seal it is possible to maintain the temperature inside the container, which is important for the sublimation of concentrated CO2. The right temperature is maintained by PU filling with technology used in space shuttles.

What differentiates ICECON containers?

  • use of the safe PE material,
  • PU filling with technology used in space shuttles,
  • transportable lightweight design,
  • resistant to damage and extreme temperatures,
  • excellent insulation properties,
  • competitive prices.


HoreCO2 containers can be used for transporting, cooling and storing dry ice, food, medicines or vaccines.

In EMTECH IPH GROUP offer you will find 6 models of containers with capacity of 30 L, 60 L, 130 L, 300 L, 300+ L and 480+ L.


Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container ICO30

Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container ICO60

Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container ICO130

Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container ICO300+

Insulated Dry Ice Storage Container ICO480