laser_en dry_ice coating packaging

What can I clean with a laser?

Thanks to the full control of parameters, we are able to perform a vast range of cleaning task on various surfaces. From removing coatings, corrosion to cleaning injection molds or cleaning building facades.

What power do I need to clean ...?

To verify the required power, please contact us and carry out a test.

Where can such tests be carried out?

On the premises of our company or directly at the customer's.

What power machines are available on the offer?

We offer machines starting from 50W and ending with 2000W.

What temperature is dry ice?

Dry ice temperature is -78.5 ° C

Does dry ice blasting damage the surface being cleaned?

No. Dry ice blasting is done under high pressure. Dry ice particles hitting the cleaned surface automatically change their state of aggregation from solid to gas. In the gaseous state, they occupy about 600-800 times larger surface, breaking up dirt. It is a non-abrasive method.

How much waste is there after cleaning with dry ice?

Dry ice does not generate waste. It turns into gas and evaporates. Only dirt from the cleaned application remains.

How long does Dry Ice last for cleaning?

About 3-4 days. However, under unfavorable weather conditions, e.g. high humidity, ice may sublimate faster.

What is the purpose of the coatings?

The main task of coatings is to extend the life of tools or details. The coatings are designed to improve the durability and overall performance of the tool or component; thus reducing the unit cost in production.

Why should coatings be used?

When it comes to using coatings, the main motivation is very simple: to reduce production costs. Reduced downtime due to no need to change tools, increased production pace, because the tools are able to work with increased speeds and feeds are the main and tangible savings.

How do coatings improve tool life and performance?

While all our coatings have some differences in their properties in order to increase their performance in specific applications, there are two main properties that are fundamental to all our coatings: high microhardness and low friction.

What is the difference between a coated and uncoated tool?

It all depends on what the tool is processing with what material it is working with. In many applications, a conservative estimate would include a 2-3 times longer life for a coated tool; However, in some applications the tool life can increase many times over.

Are the packaging only suitable for tools?

You can pack almost anything. Our only limit is our imagination.

Is the packaging ecological?

Yes they are, they are 100% biodegradable confirmed by certificates.

Can I order different colors of the packaging?

Yes you can. 12 color bases are available.

Can you buy individual pieces?

Yes, you can buy individual pieces. The logistic minimum is defined in only a few packaging models. We sell wholesale and retail.