Industrial laser cleaning

EMTECH IPH GROUP is the official distributor of P-Laser. We offer both laser products and laser cleaning services. We operate in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Cooperation with the client is based primarily on individual adjustment of the system to his needs. Before laser cleaning becomes one of the processes of a production line working around the clock, we conduct appropriate tests – we have a robot that simulates the effect expected by the customer. Our task is to optimize the time cycle as much as possible, so at this stage we choose the right parameters to improve the cleaning process. Each sample is evaluated by the client to verify that it meets production requirements.


A similar process accompanies the selection of a manual cleaning machine. Our specialists perform tests which allow to compare necessary cleaning time and then to calculate potential savings resulting from the implementation of new cleaning technologies.


Customers of EMTECH IPH GROUP can benefit from a comprehensive service – we offer specialized advice and professional support at every stage of the order. We focus on continuous development, working both in-house and in the field to constantly seek new challenges.

How does it work?

P-laser is an advanced surface cleaning technology that uses pulsed lasers. The process is based on sending out pulses of light that are absorbed by the dirt and reflected by the item being cleaned. When the pulse comes into contact with the dirt, it dissipates its energy and the cleaned coating sublimates or evaporates from the surface. It’s effective and safe – the selected surface remains clean and intact.


The specialists at EMTECH IPH GROUP adjust the pulse power, scanning speed and cleaning pattern to control the amount of material removed with a single laser pulse with the utmost precision.

Laser cleaning – application

Laser cleaning is a non-contact, environmentally safe and non-abrasive technology. Today lasers are becoming a versatile solution, which is more and more eagerly used by representatives of various industries. Where can you see the greatest demand?


  • It is extremely precise and incredibly fast, and its effective removal of corrosion and pitting from surfaces is perfect for cleaning injection molds and removing thermal discoloration or oxides.
  • Laser cleaning is also a solution appreciated by entrepreneurs, who want to strengthen the welds before welding and improve surface adhesion with paint afterwards.
  • We also use the technology for complete or selective removal of incorrectly applied or old coatings – the basis for tool reconditioning.
  • Advanced laser cleaning can also be used to restore monuments – for degreasing, marking, engraving or texturing the selected surface.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about laser cleaning