Tool production

The mechanical department of our company has been providing services in the field of tool production for years. We specialize in making punching dies, dies, injection molds, casting molds, special devices or their individual elements, such as punching punches, bending stamps, dies, stamp plates, pressure plates, guide plates, tear plates, die holders, etc. The technologies we have at our disposal include WEDM wire EDM, CNC milling, EDM drilling and surface grinding. Our company always focuses on honesty, reliability and the highest quality of commissioned work, which is why our experienced employees carry out projects strictly according to the standards and guidelines of our client.

PVD, PACVD & CVD Cotings

Protective coatings are ultra-thin layers of abrasion-resistant material applied to elements of machines, devices and tools in order to reduce their wear and increase resistance to external factors, e.g. corrosion. Our coatings are thin, resistant to friction and chemically inert.

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Tool regeneration

The idea of ​​the Emtech IPH Group is to provide technologies that improve maintenance to a company from industrial sectors. Tool regeneration services by sharpening, polishing and surfacing fantastically complement our offer and allow our client to leave their tools without the need to look for several other suppliers and divide the repair process into many subcontractors. We have been sharpening punches, drills and cutting tools for our customers for years. In the case of worn or damaged molds, dies, sleeves or cores, we perform the required surface treatment by padding and polishing to restore their required parameters and roughness, thanks to which they will be ready for re-introduction into production.

Our projects

Applications for industries

  • Tools and machine components

  • Steel stamping

  • Automotive

  • Conservation of monuments

  • Machining

  • Glass processing

  • Foundry

  • Food industry

  • Plastic