Sales and service of cleaning machines

Based on years of experience with the work of many manufacturers of cleaning machines, our priority is that our client can rely not only on the purchase of a new machine from us, but also on comprehensive support. Along with the machine, we offer training, professional machine service (including machine manufacturers not included in our offer) as well as continuous technical and substantive support regarding the technology purchased from us


EMTECH IPH GROUP divides its offer into dry ice and laser cleaning machines.
The dry ice blasting machines we sell range from compact machines, ideal for low-speed, quiet operation, to larger machines and much higher capacity. Depending on the customer’s needs, the specific application in which the machine will be used, or such details as the volume during cleaning, its size or the range of available accessories, we always advise customers whether the machine from the manufacturer Horeco, WhiteLion or Polartech is best suited to their needs.

In the case of cleaning lasers, we are fully committed to the Belgian brand P-Laser. Each system we offer is equipped with a patented 2D scanning technology and is ready for mobile and automated operation with a robot or a cnc machine. The power range of our machines starts from 50W to 2000W, each system is built on IPG fiber sources that guarantee a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours of operation. An additional advantage of our lasers is that the dedicated CleanSweep program included in the set, which allows our machine not only to clean, but also laser mark surfaces.

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ICECON containers from the manufacturer HoreCO2 are high-quality products. The containers enable the safe transportation and storage of dry ice. PE material was selected for their production, used, among others, in the food industry. The containers are radiation resistant and also non-toxic. The rubber seal effectively maintains the temperature inside the container. The containers are extremely light, which is a great advantage in transport. The body and cover are made by rotational molding. As a result, the container is resistant to low and high temperatures, as well as mechanical damage. In order to maintain the right temperature in the container, PU filling was used in the technology used in space shuttles.
ICECON HoreCO2 containers are suitable for cooling and storing: dry ice, food, drugs, vaccines.

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Applications for industries

  • Steel stamping

  • Plastics

  • Aviation industry

  • Automotive

  • Conservation of monuments

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Glass processing

  • Foundry

  • Food industry