In the era of constant rush and growing demand for manufactured products, the period of downtime, cleaning and regeneration must be shortened every day in order to meet the market demands. EMTECH IPH GROUP knows these realities very well and therefore the services we offer are always tailored to the client’s needs. From the time and place of their performance to the technologies that work best in a given client’s case.

Industrial cleaning

Cleaning in industry is an integral part of production and is constantly evolving, offering better and better solutions and their effects. The EMTECH IPH GROUP offer includes the absolutely newest and most effective technologies, such as cleaning lasers and dry ice cleaning machines. Both methods are characterized by absolutely non-abrasive properties during the cleaning process, and also offer the possibility of cleaning injection molds in production, without the need to disassemble or cool them. As a result, our customers are able to shorten production downtime even several times, which gives them a great sense of comfort in planning their production schedule, and even catching up with potential delays.

Dry ice technology

Dry ice blasting is an extremely versatile technology. As a blasting agent, it evaporates and sublimes immediately during cleaning, leaving no contaminated abrasives. This is an important aspect in terms of the economic efficiency of dry ice blasting.

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Laser cleaning technology

Thanks to long experience and the use of high-class components, P-laser lasers are characterized by high cleaning efficiency. Thanks to laser ablation, we are able to transform solid contaminants such as corrosion or paint directly into a gaseous state without disturbing the base material.

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Refinement of production tools

We use modern technologies of applying protective coatings: PACVD, PVD, DLC. They differ in the type of reaction of the coating with the surface and in the coating temperature. The type of coating is adjusted to the technological data of the tool, the operating conditions of the device and the economic possibilities of the client.

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Applications for industries

  • Glass processing

  • Foundry

  • Food industry

  • Plastics

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Rubber processing

  • Aviation industry

  • Welding industry

  • Automotive