Who are we

Who are we?

EMTECH IPH GROUP is a team of experienced specialists in consulting and sales of machines.

Our aim is to find a tailor-made solution for each customer – not only do we deliver the best quality equipment, but we also advise on the most beneficial option: purchase of machines, equipment leasing or cleaning service.


Our specialists boast knowledge of new technologies, and their experience has allowed them to delve into the specifics of many industries. Thanks to this we know how to respond to the needs of our clients. We have the knowledge and skills that allow us to accurately advise you on how to extend the life of your tools – depending on the situation we will suggest the use of laser technology or dry ice. We can help with any technology problem related to the scope of services we provide.

Our story

IceTech Polska is a family company, established in 2000 by its sole proprietor. With his passion and commitment he soon attracted a large group of friends working today with great dedication. Their goal is the common good and their main objective is to help the client.


The initial goal was to create a specialized company dealing with non-invasive dry ice cleaning technology. The first machines appeared in the technology park and the services were focused on sales and cleaning. However, after learning about the most frequent problems in our customers’ production, we realized that there was a need to develop our activity by adding another branch, which would facilitate production processes – we introduced protective PVD and PACVD abrasion resistant coatings. This is a field in which the technology is developing very fast, that’s why IceTech Polska employees are constantly learning and transferring their acquired knowledge onto the customers. We soon realized that in order to effectively solve the problems occurring in the production plants, it was necessary to implement a testing system and expand the network of technical advisors.


Our clients are under our full care – we use proven methods and are constantly looking for new solutions to meet their needs. A few years ago, we introduced advanced laser cleaning – a completely non-invasive method that perfectly complements the ice cleaning used for years.


We focus on continuous development and introduction of new solutions. We undertake a lot of investment and operational changes in the company. Today our team consists of 15 specialists, who offer their support and knowledge every day. The effective division of responsibilities and the demarcation of individual technology branches were made possible by spreading wings as a group – thus, since January 7, 2021, IceTech Polska has existed as EMTECH IPH GROUP.

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